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    Stevia Tablet  
    In RA40%、RA60%、RA98%.series
    Ingredients: Stevia Powder, Matodextrin, Liquorice, Lactose, Magnesium  stearate CrosscarmelloseLeucine, erythritol
    Direction of stevia Tablet : Stevia Tablet is the mixture of high Rebaudioside A and  Lactose,Magnesium Stearate,Leucine etc. . It is a kind of white tablets with 25 times sweetness and extremely low calorie. Its sweetness is very pure and no bitter aftertaste. It contains no cane-sugar and saccharin, aspartame or any synthetic sweeteners. It is very stable in acidic and alkaline solutions, easy to be dissolved in ethanol, resistant to high temperature and it belongs to non-fermented products.

    Applications: for the elderly, patients suffering from hypertension, adiposity and diabetes, and helpful to decrease incidence of decayed tooth. And Popular in family, Hotel, Restaurant and Coffee Shops, also for People focus on health.
    Storage: In well-closed, lightproof and cool conditions.
    Shelf life: 2 years.
    CAS No.: 57817-89-7
    1) 20000 tablets per PE bag in Food Grade,10kgs,15kgs per Case
    2) In Dispenser of 100,150,200,300,400 tablets Per Dispenser,and 8kgs per drum


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