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    Sucralose is one of the most excellent Natural sweetener with the highest sweetness so far. It is firstly researched and reported by the British cooperation. After a series of strict experiments for about 10 years on pharmacology, toxicology, physiological physics and chemistry, it has been proved to be absolutely secure for human being. In 1990, with the name of Sucralose, this artificial sugar had got the approval from UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) and it could be sold worldwide from then on.

    Product Name
    Chemical Name
    TGS; 4, 1’, 6 ‘– TrichlorogalactosucroseTrichlorogalactosucrose
    structural formula
    molecular weight
    white powder in mesh 80-120
    CAS  No.
    10kgs, 25kgs per drum. Or packing with customers’ requirements, Label can be under customers
    Sucralose Applications:
    No.1: Food Industry  Beverages and Beverage Mixes
    Carbonated beverages
    •  Con-carbonated beverages
    •  Baked Goods and Baking Mixes
    •  Hard and Soft Candy
    •  Jams and Jellies
    •  Chewable candy and tablet
    •  Coffee and Tea
    •  Dairy Products
    •  Processed Fruits and Fruit Juices
    •  Processed Vegetables and Vegetable Juices
    •  Confections and Frostings
    •  Nutritional & Dietary Products
    •  Table-top sweeteners
    •  Processed fruit
    •  Chewing gum
    •  Dry-mix products
    •  Fruit spreads
    •  Frozen desserts
    •  Salad dressing
    No.2  PHARMACEUTICALS(Pharmaceutical, Personal Care & Dietary Supplement)
    Liquid Preparations
    Cough & Cold Syrups
    Drops & Lozenges
    Pediatric Liquids
    APAP Syrups & Chewables
    Unpalatable Ethical Drugs
    Re-constitutable Powders
    Aerosol Delivery Systems
    Veterinary Drugs
    Annual Capacity is 200Mts currently, 500Mts in 2012.
    Waste water treatment facility.
    Solvent recovering system.
    GMP Standard Refining-Drying-Packing workshop.


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